The trail, 100% nature activity to practice on the Puigmal Pyrenees-Cerdagne open space

The Puigmal Pyrénées-Cerdagne trail station

The Puigmal Pyrenees-Cerdagne trail station is full of surprises and possibilities to offer you!

A set of 11 routes awaits you, accessible to all! A great variety of routes, both rolling, technical and physical, are available!

Routes that will lead you to the villages and the Cerdan plateau, in the forest, or in altitude, to the summits and the border ridge.
Training and VMA loops also await you in the villages of Saillagouse and Osséja. Coming soon, technical workshops of hill work and a vertical kilometer!

No more reasons not to come and run on the Puigmal Pyrenees-Cerdagne outdoor space!

Download the maps of the marked routes

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