The Granite Museum opened in 1999 on the initiative of Mayor Jean Gordia, member of a family of stonecutters from Dorres

Museum of granite at Dorres

In the nineteenth century, agriculture was the main resource in the area. Towards the end of the century, stonemasonry became the major craft of the village. Established in 1999, the museum traces the history of the local picapedrers (stonemasons). You'll see the tools, the techniques and expertise of a now extinct craft. Old photos depict the life of the village. A walking tour will take you through the narrow streets of the village where you will discover a house that was once home to twenty-four stonemasons.

See the troughs, sinks, tools, fountains, fences, mileposts and dolmens among many other pieces in granite.

The entrance ticket also gives you access to the Roman baths at Dorres.