Flavours, scents, colours and a lively encounter... all come together in the markets and fairs of the Catalan Pyrenees
When Catalan colours and flavours blend with local expressions, the whole market comes alive. Sharing these moments is living strong and authentic moments, where generosity and conviviality are everywhere.

Organic products, a direct relationship with the producer, fair trade... are all ways of doing business.
List of market days

Bolquère/ Pyrenees 2000: summer and winter season only

Les Angles: Avenue de Mont-Louis (Local producers) | Eyne: village center, summer only (Local producers)

Odeillo: Republic Square, summer only (Local producers) |Err: Place St Genis 15/07- 15/09 only
Saillagouse: in front of the town hall (local producers)
Font-Romeu : Esplanade des Comtes de Cerdagne (from Christmas to the end of March)

Matin: Ur: Place de l'église |Osséja: centre of the village | Mont-Louis: Place de l'église (Local producers)

Font-Romeu: Rue Maillol, summer only (Local producers)

Formiguères: centre of the village (Marché des producteurs de Pays)
Llivia: main street

Saillagouse: in front of the Town Hall (Marché des producteurs de Pays)
Err: Place St Genis
Puigcerdà: in the centre of the old town

Producers' Day
 | Osseja Shepherd Dog Contest
13 August | Palau de Cerdanya Bread Festival
 October | Matemale Potato Festival
 October | Ur International Horse Fair
October | Bourg-Madame Foire au Gras
Annual fairs 2018
  July | Formiguères Annual Fair
July 14 | Saillagouse Summer Fair
 July | Font-Romeu Bio Zen Festival
 July | Matemale Summer Fair
 July | Bolquère / P2000 Grand marché
 July | Mont-Louis Summer Fair
 August | Les Angles Great annual fair
 August | Matemale Summer Fair
August 15 | Saillagouse Summer Fair
August | Font-Romeu Braderie Fiest'Altitudes
August | Err Feast of Saint Genesis

September | Formiguères Medieval Festival
September | Font-Romeu Hermitage Festival
October | Mont-Louis Fall Fair
October | Bourg-Madame Annual Fair
October | Ur International Horse Fair

Christmas Markets

     Christmas market in Palau de Cerdanya
     Christmas market in Saillagouse and Christmas of craftsmen and local products in Osséja
     Christmas market in Formiguères
     Christmas market in Bolquère/Pyrénées 2000

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