Deep in the heart of the Catalan Pyrenees, in a beautiful wooded landscape, unwind in the warm thermal waters of the Sulphur Baths

After skiing or hiking, in both summer and winter, the sulphurous waters are the ideal way to relax and recuperate.

Ideal after a day of strenuous effort, as well as for skin problems and rheumatism, the virtues of the thermal springs have been recognised for centuries—the waters were known and sought-after even in Roman times.

Dorres' Baths

Open-air bathing

Built outdoors among the trees, with a sumptuous view of the peaks of the Eastern Pyrenees, Dorres' Baths hot spring baths offer nature lovers a moment of pure rest and relaxation. Whatever the weather, the water is always at 38 °C in the two outdoor pools, soothing tired muscled even when the ambient air drops below freezing in winter. The warm feeling persists long after you finally decide to dry off!

A hot bath in a granite pool

The two outdoor baths (one old, one new) are complemented by two antique baths carved into granite blocks. They are sheltered by a small building closed-in on three sides. After a day of hiking or skiing at the local resorts, a one-hour bath in the Dorres thermal springs will sooth away the aches and pains of the most hardened of athletes.

Llo's Baths

Nestled between the mountains and the river, Llo's baths offer lots of facilities for your well being, including a sauna, hammam, jacuzzi, and individual treatments.

The natural hot waters of Llo

The Gorges du Segre hosts a natural haven for relaxation. Between mountains and the river, the Llo Baths are constructed around a natural hot spring.

The baths consist of two parts:

  • an inner area with sauna, hammam, jacuzzi and pool with water jets and waterfalls,
  • an outdoor area with outdoor jacuzzi, and an invigorating spa bath with powerful tonifying jets. Sun loungers for relaxing or floating on a bubble bed, with a symphony of underwater music.



Latest feature: ultra-strength foot massage


Enjoy all the benefits of the sun, clean air and sulphurous waters of the Catalan Pyrenees. The baths of Llo are also a famous for the balneotherapy and treatments, with massage, facials and other ways to pamper yourself. Book a full spa treatment break over one or more days.

Llo's baths propose a wide range of sulphur water based skin care products. You can find out more about these products with your care staff.

Saint-Thomas' baths

Hot springs on the road to Andorra

Located 25 km from Escaro on the way to Andorra, St Thomas' Baths are located in the municipality of Fontpedrouse at 1156 meters altitude. They include three pools fed by a source gushing-out five hundred litres per minute at 58 °C.

This water is pre-cooled in an ultra modern heat exchanger system with no mixing with cold water, allowing the temperature of the water to be varied and adapted to the climatic conditions. Generally the water is graduated to 36 °C in summer and 38 °C in winter. This exceptional spring has analgesic, relaxant, antiallergic and healing properties.

The pumps can fill the pools in a dozen hours, and the water is completely renewed in this way twice per day. In a stone amphitheatre, you'll discover a leisure area with a small pool for toddlers, a lagoon for deep relaxation, and a jacuzzi area with water jets for the fun of it. All this in a pleasant mountain setting - don't miss it!