Located at an altitude of 1330 meters, the vegetable garden is a privileged space where quietness and know-how are combined.
For a long time an essential pantry, it is now a place for the conservation of old and local varieties, as well as food plants that trace the history of agriculture in Cerdanya. In addition to vegetables, forage plants and cereals for feeding farm animals are presented. The cultivation practices used in the garden ensure respect for the earth. Moreover, the vegetable garden is part of a process of transmission of knowledge about gardening, vegetables, but also their use in popular medicine.

While strolling through the garden, you will discover: 

- The contemporary high-altitude vegetable garden skillfully combining vegetable plants and flowers.
- The historical Louis XIV vegetable garden where you can find lovage, horseradish or Jerusalem artichokes, these plants forgotten by time.
- A space presenting the cereals and plants of the Cerdanya, including the remarkable Cerdan rye.
- The farmyard with its chickens and rabbits. 
- An orchard with the famous pear trees of Cerdanya, but also quince and walnut trees and plum trees.
- The garden hut where you will find a space for daydreaming, playing or reading books.

To accompany your discovery, a sound walk is set up in the summer thanks to which you can listen to the cerdans testify about their daily relationship with the vegetable garden and dive into the atmosphere of a day in the garden.