Because we live in a more and more stressful world, everyone longs for a bit of serenity, balance and a little more well-being!

The five spa towns of the Pyrénées Orientales will be delighted to welcome you for a relaxing break:


The combined action of the climate and the sulfurous waters.
Amélie les bains in Vallespir territory.
Located in the middle valley of the "Tech" river, Amélie-les-Bains is in the heart of Vallespir, 30 km from the Mediterranean. It is named after Queen Amélie, wife of Louis-Philippe, King of France.

For your spa treatment: the beneficial action of the climate and the sulfurous waters.
For thousands of years, hot springs have been gushing out of Amélie-les-bains. They are famous to be rich in sulfur and are used to treat rheumatism and respiratory diseases. 


Le Boulou

Privileged geographical location, Le Boulou is ideal for travelling between the Pyrenees and the Mediterranean.
Enjoy the benefits of thermal waters: Thanks to its unique thermal waters, rich in magnesium and mineral salts, the Thermal Spa of Le Boulou is perfectly adapted to the treatment of digestive system and cardio-arterial affections.
Tourist Office of "Le Boulou" Office du tourisme Le Boulou



An authentic mid-mountain village, a renowned spa: The first link in the "Chaîne Thermale du Soleil".
Thermal waters with multiple properties: rich in thermal plankton, the sulphurous sodium waters of Molitg-les-Bains treat skin conditions, rheumatism and respiratory disorders. Beyond the thermal cures, the fitness stays will bring you energy for a dynamic year.
Tourist Office of Molitg les bains: Office de tourisme de Molitg-les-Bains

Prats-de-Mollo La Preste

Waters known since the Middle Ages.
The thermal station of La Preste les Bains: from the Apollon spring springs a sulfurous water at a temperature of 44°, which allows various thermal treatments.

Tourist Office of "Prats de Mollo": Office de tourisme de Prats-de-Mollo La Preste



A calm and restful spa dominated by the Canigou mountain.
A spa specialized in rheumatology and respiratory diseases.
The thermal facility of Vernet-les-Bains, offers to adults and children the beneficence of its waters, associated with the softness of its Mediterranean microclimate. The thermal center offers to the curists a technical equipment which allows to apply the therapeutics concerning the cures of rheumatology, oto-rhino-laryngology and broncho-pulmonary affections in the best conditions, under the control of thermal doctors.