To take the train, wave as it approaches and buy your ticket on board from the conductor, who you should also tell when you want to get off

At an average speed of 30km, you'll have time to enjoy the scenery of Cerdagne as you make your way through the countryside.

It takes about 2 hours 20 minutes to travel from Saillagouse to Villefranche de Conflent.

The stations served are:

  • Latour de carol/ Enveitg
  • Ur les escales
  • Bourg Madame
  • Osséja
  • Ste Léocadie
  • Err
  • Saillagouse
  • Estavar
  • Font Romeu/ Odeillo Via
  • Bolquère/ Eyne
  • Mont Louis/ La Cabanasse
  • Planès
  • Sauto
  • Fontpédrouse/ St Thomas
  • Thuès Carança
  • Thuès les Bains
  • Nyer
  • Olette Canaveille les Bains
  • Joncet
  • Serdinya
  • Villefranche de Conflent/ Vernet les Bains

Map of stations served by the Train Jaune

Originale, authentique, poétique, impressionnante, performante, audacieuse, voici la célèbre ligne du train jaune !