In the heart of the Catalan Pyrenees Mountains, whatever the season, feel free to relax in the hot thermal waters of the Sulphurous Baths
After sports comes the comfort! With its exceptional climate, the Cerdanya is naturally a must for your health! Everything is done in Cerdanya to guarantee you optimal health.

Made up of two vital elements, air and water, it is the ideal location to feel good and to even cure yourself!

The Cerdanya is located at an average altitude of 1200m and has a very low hydrometry. Many health establishments have been set up there to treat respiratory diseases, allergies and other lung problems ("Clinique du souffle" (Breath Hospital) "La Solane" in Osséja).
In some places, the earth releases its naturally warm, sulfurous waters whose temperature is lowered (between 35 and 38°) so that one can fully relax and soothe rheumatism and muscular tension. The sulfurous waters are also excellent for skin conditions.