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The cuisine of the Catalan Pyrenees
By Eliane Thibaut-Comelade.

Eliane Thibaut-Comelade, a great specialist in Catalan cuisine, has set out this time in search of traditional mountain recipes. She travelled through the Cerdanya, Capcir and Andorra, from inn to masia as well as randomly meeting people in their homes... At the end of this passionate work, she offers us nearly 400 recipes with a strong identity... A book to offer or to give as a gift!

Wild products / Vegetables and fruits

Knowledge and flavors of the Catalan Pyrenees.
The permanence of traditions, the desire to raise and cultivate where the altitude and the climate considerably complicate the agricultural work, the desire to preserve, to prolong and to transmit, the need to perpetuate the gestures of the past in the stables, in the summer pastures, in the fields and the vegetable gardens, the pride finally to be Catalan, Pyrenean and mountain, all that transpires with each sentence, until brushing by ricochet a faithful portrait of those which populate this territory...

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