In the Catalan Pyrenees you'll discover a number of places where contemporary art is highly considered

The Wall-free Museum in Font-Romeu

Stroll amidst works of contemporary art, in the middle of nature, in the heart of the Font-Romeu forest. Many artists have lent their support to this wonderful idea of a museum without walls, without barriers, simply along the way. You will be able to meet hinds, squirrels, and of course art lovers.

Pritchard's sculptures at Saillagouse

The Pritchard's (characters in situations and very colourful, sculpted or painted) that can be seen in Saillagouse, Place del Roser, illustrate the imprint of modern art in Cerdanya and the vitality of this territory.
The Pritchard's: a couple of unusual artists who will take you into a world of animation, sculpture, painting and video.
Sabine and Eric, in life, the two have been a pair for over 20 years. In art they have always been one. A complementarity and an osmosis which are found in their creation?