Sun and air, health and good spirits
Taking advantage of an exceptional almost 3000-hour-sunshine per year, a low hygrometry rate which offers a healthy and dry air and an altitude of 1200 to 1800 meters, the first medical establishments appeared at the end of the First World War. The wounded came to cure their pains and anxieties in a serene and restorative climate. Very soon these centres were converted into a sanatorium to treat tuberculosis patients. At that time, this disease was cured by exposure to the sun and clean air, and the climate  of the cerdan high plain proved to be ideal for treating these respiratory illnesses. These establishments were built in Escaldes, Font-Romeu, Odeillo, Osséja and Angoustrine, in short, all over our territory.

Cerdanya sees the cure of many sick people, it contributes actively to contain the scourge of tuberculosis and this long before the first tuberculosis treatments appear.

With the disappearance of tuberculosis, these establishments were converted into the treatment of respiratory diseases, particularly childhood asthma, but also into sports training centres, making Cerdanya the leading climatic resort in France.

Medical establishments for children

Sportsmen and women train in altitude!

Some history...

When the International Olympic Committee awarded Mexico City the organisation of the 1968 Olympic Games, sports federations from all over the world were looking for suitable training places for their competitions.
France did the same after the poor sporting results obtained at the Tokyo Olympics of '64.
In order to promote school and sports vocations, the French authorities then decided to associate a high school with the Training Centre... The Pyrenean resort of Font-Romeu was chosen for its altitude (1850 m), its climate and its latitude (the lowest in France).
The project takes the form of a vast amphitheatre, protected from the dominating winds and widely open to the grandiose panorama of the Cerdanya.
Running against the clock...The architect Roger Taillibert was chosen to give substance to the project. In February 1967, the sports facilities welcomed their first sportsmen and women. The pre-Olympic preparation can begin...

The CNEA today...

Open all year round, the CNEA, "Centre National d'Entraînement en Altitude" (National Altitude Training Center) welcomes high level sportsmen and women, individually or as part of a national team. Known for the high quality of its sports facilities - judiciously grouped together on the same site - the CNEA benefits from an environment favourable to long runs and exceptional conditions for training in altitude.
In order to facilitate cohabitation and exchanges between all sportsmen and women, the CNEA also opens its doors to athletes of more modest level on simple presentation of their licence...