The site of the electro-solar plant at Themis is an ideal location for research and development in solar projects

Solar research and development

The THEMIS plant was built in Targasonne, in the Cerdanya region of France, to take advantage of weather conditions that are exceptionally favourable for the exploitation of solar energy. Cerdanya has nearly 2400 hours of sunshine per year, a very low wind which limits the downtime of the plant's installations, and an altitude which favours the reception of direct solar radiation. Its construction began in 1981. Its aim is to test the production of electricity based on solar energy. The installation consists of 201 heliostats (giant mirrors facing the sun) which concentrate the sun's rays on a 105-metre high tower. In 1983 Thémis produces electricity until 1986, when the state considers the kw/h produced too expensive. From 1986 to 2004 astrophysicists will study the cosmic gamma radiation.


In 2012, the Conseil Général des Pyrénées Orientales will carry out rehabilitation work to make it one of the first European research and development platforms for concentrated solar thermal (CSP) and photovoltaic (CPV) technologies.

With a surface area of 102 hectares, the Thémis site offers numerous land opportunities for the benefit of companies working in the field of Research and Development.

The site is accessible to the public during all school holidays.

Monday to Sunday from 10am to 12pm and from 2pm to 5.30pm

As part of its tourist activities, Thémis Solaire Innovation offers a range of fun and scientific activities aimed at raising public awareness of the energy transition and understanding of solar energy.

On the programme :
  •     Guided tour
  •     Didacsol" science experiments
  •     Construction workshop "Fab Lab Solaire"
  •     Exhibition "Sun, Myths and Realities"
  •     "Understanding Energy" exhibit
  •     Exhibition "History of Solar Energy in the P.O."
  •     Introduction to eco-mobility
  •     Games and discovery room
  •     Projection of documentary films