Mont-Louis is one of nine towns entirely built by France's greatest military architect, Sébastien Le Prestre de Vauban.

Mont-Louis, a jewel of military architecture

In 1679, Louis XIV approved the financing of Mont-Louis, defending the passage to the Roussillon region of France. Inaugurated in 1681, Mont-Louis completed the line of defences stretching from Mediterranean Sea. Created from scratch by Vauban, it is a perfect example of 17th century fortified military architecture in which Vauban was able to express his creativity fully. Mont-Louis still has a military function today—the National Commando Training Centre — the Centre National d’Entraînement Commando – is housed in the citadel buildings.

The history of the site is recounted in several guided tours of the citadel and the Puits des Forçats area, but you are also free to wander round at your leisure. The church has lots of baroque art treasures, while walking along the pathway at the foot of the ramparts, you can appreciate the genius of Vauban and the beauty of the site.

The guided tour offered by the tourist office is nonetheless essential to get access the most interesting parts of the site.

Guided tours offered by the Tourist Office

"Storming the Citadel"

This tour tells the story of the fortress and its construction. During the visit, you will enter the military compound and the Puits des Forçats area (not accessible to the public without a tour guide).

"Mont-Louis through the centuries"

A visit to the village, through its streets and buildings (the barracks, hospital, and church) shows how Mont-Louis has developed from its construction up to today. This visit is complementary to the visit of the Citadel.


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