The Bouillouses lake and its surroundings are a protected natural site

Bouillouses is a registered natural site, known throughout France and Spain for its rugged landscape and many lakes. At an altitude of 2,000m, the mountain lake is the highest lake accessible by road and chairlift in the whole mountain range. Once overrun with cars, vehicle access to the area is now strictly controlled and regular shuttle buses (leaving from the Route des Bouillouses) are now the only form of motorised transport available. Alternatively, you can take a chairlift from Font-Romeu.

An impressive dam was built on Lake Bouillouses in the early twentieth century to control the flow of the river Têt and provide electric power to the mountain railway - the “Train Jaune.”

Getting to Lake Bouillouses

Since the summer of 2000, measures have been taken to control the number of tourists travelling in and out of the Bouillouses area. To limit the number of cars, road access is regulated in the summer months, and visitors are invited to use either the regular shuttle bus service or the chairlift.

By road

The road leading to the lake is closed from 7am to 7pm from 1st July to 31st August, as well as the first and last weekend of September. During these times, please park at the Pla de Barrès from where a shuttle bus will take you to the lake and the river Têt. The last bus back to the car park leaves at 9pm.

By chair lift

Chairlifts leave from Font-Remeu. It takes approximately half an hour to walk to the dam from the drop-off point. Check chairlift opening times before you leave.

For more information contact the Font-Romeu tourist office on: +33 (0)4 68 30 68 30 or the dam on: +33 (0)4 68 04 24 61

On foot

A number of walking trails lead to the Bouillouses dam, with varying walking times and levels of difficulty.