The first experimental solar oven in the world, built here in the Pyrenees because of the year-round sunshine

In 1947, Professor Felix Trombe built the solar oven at Mont-Louis in 1949 to the great surprise of the scientific community. Commissioned in 1951, it was soon followed by its big brother Odeillo, advanced in both performance and technology. The city of Mont-Louis, built by Vauban under the reign of the "Sun King," Louis XIV, today honours the "King Sun!"

A Solar Oven is above all a source of energy at high temperatures, from 2000°C to 3500°C, totally non-polluting, autonomous and inexhaustible!

While visiting the Solar Oven of Mont-Louis, our guide will take you to the heart of the installations to explain the operation and use of the oven. Simple and educational scientific applications pleasantly complete this visit, with for example: the materialization of solar concentration in the hearth, between 2000°C and 3500°C, the ignition of wood, the melting of metal, the firing of ceramics... Thanks to spectacular and educational experiments, young and old alike will be able to understand how the Solar Kiln works, its importance for scientific research, for craftsmanship and for the fight against pollution.

A shop is at your disposal where you will find books or dvd's to complete the guided tour.
Open 7 days a week all year round.

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