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13.9 km
13.9 km
Mountain biking
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    PR N°8
    A hike to admire Targason Chaos, made up of hundreds of huge granite blocks, the Thémis Solar Station and the Pic des Mauroux, a popular departure point for paragliders.

    Llívia has the particularity of being a Spanish enclave within the French territory of Cerdanya since the Treaty of the Pyrenees of 1659. In the heart of the high plain, the altitude of the territory is about 1,200 metres bordered by the river Sègre. It houses the oldest pharmacy in Europe, the Esteva pharmacy, founded in 1594. It has now become a museum.

    Departure: Sant Julia of Estavar Church.


    The church of Sant Julia d'Estavar has some beautiful frescos dating from the 12th and 12th centuries. They decorate the apse of this Romanesque church.

    Chaos de Targasonne: it is a natural site composed of hundreds of giant granitic blocks. These huge blocks, collapsed from the mountain, are due to a sedimentary formation resulting from the mechanical erosion of pre-existing rocks. When the bedrock is weakened and altered by this mechanical erosion, the result is "ball-shaped" shapes, characteristic of granitic zones. The chance of the accumulation of these blocks of all sizes has shaped sub-rock shelters of varying volumes and shapes. These natural shelters favoured an intense human settlement during Prehistory. The tower of the Themis solar power plant, whose experimental projects were stopped in the 1980s, stands out behind the Chaos. Above Chaos, it is possible to see a mountain, the Pic des Mouroux (hike n°69), departure for paragliders who under their coloured wing defy the laws of weightlessness.
  • Difference in height
    532.51 m
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533 meters of difference in height
  • Start altitude : 1215 m
  • End altitude : 1215 m
  • Maximum altitude : 1658 m
  • Minimum altitude : 1215 m
  • Total positive elevation : 533 m
  • Total negative elevation : -532 m
  • Max positive elevation : 134 m
  • Min positive elevation : -168 m
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